Updated: Mar 17

Now clearly you know a BELIEF is a system that might best be described as the lens through which we view life. Now consider what has influenced and formed how you see life?

The lens we each use is largely based on our own life experiences. What we see through this lens will be a different reality, and might even appear considerably more narrow or broad, based on our families and friends' influence throughout our lives.

Then as decades progress, experiencing more life events allow us to grow and as our lens of filtration expands, often so do our ideals.

Both consciously and subconsciously our belief systems began at an early age. As we have more experiences, we draw more and more on those ideals.

So how can BELIEFS deprive our opportunities or ideas, which might otherwise have been open to us? With limited exposure to experiences, we find ourselves navigating with the information we have. Taking a deeper dive into the conscious we learn that we put specific labels on ourselves and others. As a result, we often limit our ability to consider ideas or principles outside of those experiences.

Because this is a natural tendency, we often won’t even know that information or ideas have been stripped of their totality, and that we are left with a ‘partial’ picture, instead of the whole.

This process of filtration can occur during a conversation, in classes, while reading, attending seminars or workshops, experimenting with ideas or concepts, and even in our recreational pursuits, such as game playing, socializing, and romancing. There is no part of our lives in which this belief system isn’t operating independently to create a narrowed reality, or at the very least to be influencing our perception of reality.

So if BELIEFS can be tangible, actual and limiting or expanding, how do you increase your ”bandwidth” to get more of what you are looking immediately.

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