Awareness, Balance and Paradigm Shifts

Updated: Mar 17

Women have recognized their rightful place of power across all industries. 👑

Yet even among the most successful, there exists doubt and insecurity. Why, because our experiences shape our realities.

Simple but profound just consider a fish in the water. It doesn't understand what water is until it is removed from that water. 🐟💦

To understand the indoctrination that exists in all of our lives we can look to stories or labels, those we tell ourselves and that others put upon us. Our experiences, family, education, where we live, mentors, the list goes on, all inform our reality. 👭📖📍

Changing a paradigm of scarcity requires education, self-realization, and equanimity.

If you want to facilitate change, contact me @ #leadershiplesson #experiencesharing

#diversityispower #culturetransformation

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